Trigenics Center of Texas believes the best rehabilitation is comprehensive and collaborative. Our
  Practioners provide a full battery of traditional and innovative treatments to ensure
you reach your maximum level of movement and strength.

Trigenics Myoneural Medicne

We are here to help with any pain or lost due to sports injurys, accidents or surgery. We are here to ensure you get back to being able to live on your own terms.

Frozen Shoulder Evaluations
Athletic Injury Training
Performance Evaluations
Physical testing
Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Trigenics Center of Texas

Working in conjunction with local physicians , the Practioners at Trigenics Center of Texas create flexible yet targeted treatment programs.

Trigenics is a medical assessment and treatment system which uses interactive applied functional neurology to reset the way the brain communicates with the body. The result is that of immediate pain relief with instant increase in strength and movement.
Trigenics achieves this result by applying 3 treatment techniques at the same time for an effect on the nervous system which is much greater than if only one were applied.

Hello & Welcome

The Trigenics Treatment Center specializes in the treatment of chronic & severe pain using the world renowned Trigenics Treatment System.

Utilizing the most advanced rehabilitation treatment protocol available today, Trigenics Doctors have been specifically trained to provide the exceptional and dramatic results in just 2 visits.

In fact, if we’re unable to provide you with results in just 2 treatments, we will not accept you for care.

So,I look forward to seeing you and returning you to the active lifestyle that you desire.